Fluoride Follies Blog Returns After a Long Break, With Some Positive News

We’re back!    And to ease into operation after nearly 10 months’ silence, we’ll start with simply re-publishing a newsletter we sent out on May 22.  Please read it and respond as suggested in the text.  This is exciting!

The Fluoride Free Updater     Sunday May 22, 2016

Greetings, Fellow Fluoride Fighters:
       We have some great news to announce, news several months in the making and originating from a surprising quarter: the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  The watchdog agency, which since 1930 has consistently shirked its duty to regulate fluoridated products (with the exception of  toothpaste) suddenly sprang to life on January 13 with a warning letter   to Kirkman Laboratories, Inc.  Kirkman is an Oregon firm that makes, among other things, sodium fluoride supplements, and it was the ingestible supplements – which dentists and pediatricians have been dishing out to children like candy for decades – that drew the warning.  The company is ordered to cease and desist from further production or distribution of what the FDA classifies as “unapproved prescription drugs not generally recognized as safe and effective”  Although FDA’s injunction is directed against a single supplier, all supplement lines comprise effectively the same sodium fluoride-containing products. And no manufacturer has ever submitted any test data to the FDA in support of the safety and/or efficacy of its brand.
       Fluoride Action Network (FAN) executive director Michael Connett, an attorney, lost no time jumping on the FDA’s unexpected decision to enforce its own rules. Under his leadership, FAN and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) have joined together in sponsorship of a citizens’ petition calling on the agency to take the same action against all other producers of fluoride supplements.  The petition, four months in the making, has already collected nearly 10,000 signatures since its May 15 launch.
There are two quick and simple actions you can take:
     First:  You can sign the petition HERE:
     Second:  You can let Austin City Council know that the tacit endorsement of fluoride supplements currently appearing on the City’s website (see below) is unacceptable.
       Email the entire Council (which includes the Mayor) to express your displeasure at the suggestion that a pediatrician might want to prescribe a drug the FDA has declared non-approved and not generally recognized as either safe or effective.  You can email them from HERE: If you’re an Austin resident you might want to send a separate message to your district representative as well.
       One more thing you can do is talk to your pharmacist. Show him or her the FDA’s letter to Kirkman. Ask whether they are aware that the prescription fluoride supplements they sell are not FDA approved. An informal undercover investigation shows most aren’t.
       In 1975 the FDA demanded the removal of fluoridated vitamins from the shelves.  Their mandate was ignored; the vitamin products persist in the marketplace.  But today, people are more aware of fluoride’s toxicity and dubious effectiveness.  40 years ago we had no way to spread the word, but today we do.  By taking the above actions you can give this story legs to keep it moving. Universal recognition that fluoride is a drug – despite its pushers’ insistence to the contrary – will be a giant step toward getting it out of our water.
       See Dr. Mercola’s interview with Michael Connett and learn more about the week’s exciting developments at:

To a fluoride-free future!

Rae Nadler-Olenick
Founder, Fluoride Free Austin
P.O. Box 7486, Austin TX 78713