Fluoride Follies Is Back!

Good news for our followers: after an absence of a year and a half, our popular Fluoride Follies blog will soon be back in regular publication.  The blog disappeared abruptly in 2013, when GoDaddy discontinued the Smart Space platform on which it had been running.  I had just enough time to download the several hundred entries, html markup intact, and stow them away in hope of the day when it could be restored somewhere, somehow.  That day finally came  when, at last December’s Texans for Accountable Government meeting, I was high bidder at a silent auction for 10 hours of web services by multi-talented consultant/entrepreneur Darrell Malone, Jr.  Mr. Malone, of Endeavor Marketing Solutions here in Austin, expertly rebuilt the blog on Word Press and threaded it back into our web page.  Today we are back in business: Fluoride Follies can once again be accessed through the blog button at www.fluoridefreeaustin.com.  Many thanks are due to Mr. Malone for his great work, and to TAG executive director Justin Arman, who recommended him.

A lot has happened in the time we’ve been away. We’ll do some catching up in future posts.


     Voters Got the Message: Portland’s Anti-Fluoride Billboard

Two weeks ago, the people of Portland OR scored a stunning victory by resoundingly voting down an attempt by politicians to force fluoridation of their city’s water.

Portlanders are a lot like Austinites: well-educated, health-conscious, environmentally aware.  They even say:  Keep Portland Weird.  Their outstandingly pure water, which comes from snow melt in the Cascade Mountains, has never been fluoridated.  And their battle


                                                             The NSF Seal of Nothing

Today I’m going to talk about the National Sanitation Foundation (a.k.a. NSF)


  Friends of Fluoride Free Austin:

After over a year of preparation, we can at last announce that a major local law firm is ready to proceed with a suit against the City of Austin that claims damage to children’s teeth due to the city’s water fluoridation policies.  Fluoride Free Austin is NOT the plaintiff in this action. It will be a class action lawsuit and we are seeking qualified plaintiffs. Recovery of monetary damages is likely.

We are seeking Austin area children and teens who acquired dental fluorosis due to drinking Austin tapwater at a critical developmental stage. The video below shows you what dental fluorosis looks like.  

The criteria are:

1) Between the ages of 6 and 18 now

2) Raised on City of Austin tapwater between the ages of 1 and 7 (need not be current Austin resident)

3) Have white or brown marks on teeth as shown in the following video:


If any child among your family or friends fits this description, please have his/her parents contact us.  Reach us by email at info@fluoridefreeaustin.com (a digital picture of the teeth is helpful) or call Rae at (512) 371-3786. 

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Good afternoon, Mayor and Councilmembers. Nowadays, when people everywhere are struggling to shake off the burden of water fluoridation inflicted on them by others, I like to refer to current events. In Utah, earlier this month, the legislature passed a law which will effectively put an end to fluoridation in that state. Their Safe Drinking Water Disclosure Act requires a batch-specific certificate of analysis, by weight or percentage, for all components



                                        Philip and Linda Greene speak before the Council
                                        Spelman explains his off-stage laughter. Or tries to.

At citizens communication on December 13, 2012 – the last City Council meeting of the year – an  absurdity unfolded of a sort rarely seen on camera.  Philip Greene was speaking:  he urged the Council to heed the weight of evidence that ingested fluoride is not merely unnecessary but actually detrimental to the health of many. In ending, addressed the Council as to whether they had any studies which showed fluoride to be either safe or effective.

There was no response, of course. While Mayor Leffingwell waited in grim boredom for the buzzer to sound, councilmembers Bill Spelman and Laura Morrison enjoyed a joke together. This is a not unusual occurrence between the two “techies” on the Council, and is reminescent of the days when Randi Shade and Mike Martinez would sometimes put their heads together – literally – under the dais. (Sharing iPhone pictures, perhaps?).  Councilmembers seemingly feel free to behave rudely during citizens communication, perhaps assuming that no one of consequence will notice them. 

But Linda Greene noticed.  And in turn, she called them out roundly on it.  It was then that Spelman, known for his often quirky responses and clearly nonplussed, offered this extraordinary explanation: 

“I wasn’t laughing at Mr. Greene’s speech. I was only laughing at my own inability to control myself.”                    


Spelman, a professor at UT’s LBJ School for budding bureaucrats, speaks the most arcane variant of bureaucratese I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot.  But as one of the seven lords before whom we’re expected to supplicate, it befits us to understand what he is saying. Did he really laugh at his own inability to control himself? Or was the laughter a result of his inability to control himself?  In either case, what exactly made that so funny to him?  To councilmember Morrison?

He went on to try to explain that he wanted to engage with Philip Greene on the merits, but had to forego the opportunity, implying that rules prohibited Council from interacting with speakers during citizens communication.  While it’s true such a state law does exist, the Austin City Council members routinely violate it, especially on pressing matters like dog parks and billboards. 

Here’s a YouTube of Spelman requesting more information of another Fluoride Free Austin speaker, Darcy Bloom, nearly a year ago. (the information was provided but no followup ensued).

So will Spelman and Philip Greene have their conversation – and, more importantly, will anything useful come of it?

Who knows? My own observation over more than four years of steady advocacy tells me that this Council has made little to no attempt to deal with us in good faith; that they’re supremely uninterested in tackling an issue that holds a combination of scant rewards and great (perceived) political danger for them; and that they’re wheel spinning in place, waiting for the clock to wind down and praying that fluoridation doesn’t end on their watch. 

But time is running out. The whole nation, not just Austin, is waking up, and they may not get their wish.  

Meanwhile, if Spelman is laughing because…well…whatever that reason was he gave…then I just might be Whistler’s grandmother. 

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A Pediatrician Speaks Out On Fluoridation

From the Fluoride Action Network, just in time for the New Year, comes this splendid video of Dr. Yolanda Whyte, a young pediatrician who nowadays devotes much of her time to educating the public about the hazards of water fluoridation, telling it like it is.  Please watch it now – and pass it on.


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For the past four years, Fluoride Free Austin has resolutely carried out its mission to educate  Austin’s City Council about the dangers of the toxic waste product – fluorosilicic acid – the city uses to fluoridate its drinking water.  We’ve spoken hundreds of times before the Council and its attendant boards and committees; submitted reams of documentation to support our position; brought in internationally-acclaimed expert Dr. Paul Connett (twice) to plead out case.

For four years, the Council has arrogantly ignored us, taking refuge behind the advertising endorsements of medical bureaucracies (CDC, ADA et al) and setting up public “hearings” carefully rigged to ensure that the truth could never emerge.

But the Council did make one important concession.  In December 2011 – following over a year of pressure from us – they agreed to include an “advisory” (they refuse to call it a warning) about mixing infant formula with fluoridated tapwater to the Drinking Water Quality Report mailed out to customers once a year.  Fluoride and Infants, which also appears on the City of Austin’s Water Utilities and Health and Human Services websites though not on the monthly water bill as we had requested, likely amused the Council and their puppet masters at the Department of Health and Human Services, since it actually amounts to a lightly-veiled endorsement of fluoride for babies.  However, from the mix of half-truths and outright lies, a significant admission emerges:

“…some children may develop enamel fluorosis, a cosmetic condition where faint white markings or streaks may appear on the teeth.  Fluorosis can affect both baby teeth and permanent teeth while they’re forming under the gums.”

The fluoride pushers would have us believe that enamel fluorosis is “only” a cosmetic condition, and one which only silly, overanxious would worry about at that.  We, of course, recognize it as a symptom of poisoning:  the first visible sign of acute fluoride toxicity. 

We are interested in locating Austinites who suffer from this condition due to the city’s reckless policy of fluoridation and failure to warn. If you are a lifelong Austinite under the age of 45 whose teeth resemble those shown in the video above, please contact us at (512) 371-3786 or info@fluoridefreeaustin.com.

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