On May 27, 2010, Babs Warren spoke before the Austin City Council during the citizens communication portion.  Although Babs has a long history of activism, this was her first appearance on behalf of Fluoride Free Austin, and she did herself – and us – proud.  Her 3-minute talk was greeted with resounding applause from the gallery and displeasure from Mayor Lee Leffingwell. 

What made the response particularly sweet is the fact that – contrary to what might be expected – the room was not stacked with Fluoride Free Austin supporters.  The audience that cheered so wholeheartedly was, in fact, largely composed of members of the black community who had gathered in chambers to support two speakers on a very different subject:  the outrageous, unprovoked slaying of an unarmed young black man by by an Austin police officer.  Amidst the immediacy of their own situation, they listened to our own speaker, and they supported us.  Their warm reception is deeply appreciated. 

It is also profoundly encouraging.  It’s  an open secret that – for a combination of economic and biological reasons – the damaging health consequences of fluoride ingestion fall disproportionately on blacks and other minorities.  These are the very people in whose name fluoridation is implemented under the guise of a “health benefit” and “social equity.”  But the minority and low-income communities are waking up to this cruel irony.  With their engagement, the untenable practice of water fluoridation can be brought to an end once and for all. 


  1. Back in 2007 3 concerned professionals filed formal ethics charges against the CDC. Blacks are not informed of double risks for dental fluorosis or double kidney damage being fluoridate related. The U of Mich jsut published a study showing blacks with significantly higher fluoride intakes. This matches well with the facts blacks were known damaged double from the first study in 1945, Russell 1962 Grand rapids 40% blacks 19% whites. The ratios for additional damage was 2.3 times over whites. for much of the data for years.The CDC still with malace refuses to inform blacks of this risk. Even the dialysis clinics refuse to inform of this additional risk to kidneys evey after the NKF with drew its endorsement of fluoridation but did not inform anyone public or doctors. Dialysis patients often have 4 times more fluoride in blood then normal. No warning to avoid either like the NKF now warns. I visited many clinics several times to inform the staffs by giving data and studies. They dropped the ball.
    For the first decade of dialysis they never even filtered fluoride from water and many were damaged as a result of painful bone disease from fluoride toxicity. 300 liters of water is lots of fluoride in a day.
    Surely we could inform all as informed consent does not exist today. This is a uncontrolled dose of cumulative toxin causing many diseases of aging or speeding them up.

  2. The new interview of Paul Connent FAN came out today 6-26-2010. Dr Mercola and him have joined to work together until fluoridation ends. They will make an effort in Canada as they are coming close there. He also mentioned Austin Tx as another city to focus on as you have great organization working right now. He also wants other groups to step fore ward and talk to their cities. This is a pre release as it will not be on Mercola.com until July 3. Jim Schultz This is a long 5 part you tube interview brand new. 40 plus minutes.

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