Good afternoon, Mayor Leffingwell and councilmembers.


  1. Without shame the CDc promotes fluoridation with full knowledge blacks are damaged double especially for the moderate and severe ugliest damage. Few dentists will identify the cause to those damaged as that can get ugly also. Even Burt of U of MIchigan has shown with others that blacks have significantly more fluoride intake in 2009. This double damage was known in the first Grand Rapids experment Russell 1962. Often the damage was 2.3 times more then in whites. Hispanics often have far more damage then whites also. Of course informed consent does not exist and dentists can be fined by dental boards if they warn of fluoride or mercury risks to patients. Future lawsuits are becoming more certain as the deception is maintained by blind promotion of risky useless toxic exposures. All without informed consent from our trusted professionals.
    But then the real kicker is most dentists refuse to treat the poor on mediciaid as it pays too little. Shocking few of the poor actually receive dental care. They do get fluoride overdosed all to often instead.

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