1. The day the majority of people take their blinders off and realize that FLUORIDATED water is a DETRIMENT to all of us will be a happy, happy day…!!!

    I am AMAZED this ever happened in Austin. It just shows you how overly trusting we can be to “experts” and “authority figures” who really only want to line their pockets…!!!

  2. I agree with the other comment but sadly most dentists blindly just repeat ADA talking points. Very few actually will even consider the data against fluoridation. The Yoder K.M. 2007 test results for Indiana and Illinois proved most dentists very fluoride ignorant. They are a risk to patients trusting their professional judgement. read the results on Pubmed.com and see how little they know of ingested vs topical.
    The issue that Masters Coplan 1999,2000 showed more lead in blood samples with FSA fluoridation shoulfd be cause enough to halt. The Maas 2007 Coplan 2007 data shows with chloramine the lead leaching is many times worse from brass and solder. washington Dc Proved this starting 2000 Nov 1 when they switched to chloramine and hid their lead disaster for 3 years lett the people drink levels hundreds and thousands of times over the 15ppb.
    The knew and refused to tell the public and refused to pay the expert Marc Edwards Virginia Tech who figured out their problem. Our agencies failed again then covered up. This case proves how bad it can be at water plants with out our knowledge. Army Corp runs the DC water plant. They protected fluoridation not the people. Sort of like the CDc and health departments.
    Good luck with all the meetings. Hope the community becomes aware and shows up.

  3. Yesterday Waterloo Canada voted against fluoridation. The margin was slim by 200 votes out of 30,000. The health department and dentists refused to do debate 2 and three as the had committed to. They claim all the science on their side then talk about endorsements and beliefs and feelings. Shocked they did the first debate as it is easy to see they fall short on science if asked tough questions.
    Ingested vs topical is not that difficult a concept but they ignore it. Or at least the science.
    http://www.waterloowatch.com has the advertisements and radio commercials in a easy to one click format. They had two flyers also. The newspaper slanted the articles in favor of fluoridation but did run some antifluoride letters. Robert Flemming and the Carol and many others deserve our thanks for their very hard fought win. Trust professionals only when they can produce the science. Fluoridation is based on deception and faked data.
    Dentists follow their associations talking points blindly all too often This is true for fluoride and mercury.Dental offices are a source of potent neurotoxins for those that work there and patients both. Litigation will happen sooner or later. see http://www.fluoriedeclassaction.com for the future of things to come. Nursery water has had a settlement already but a very poor one. The FDA also ordered Nursery water to halt claims of benefit for infants. They only changed the claims slightly so far.

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