1. The best and brightest of fluoridation promoters are too smart to debate based on science. They instead rely on simplistic talking points and citing CDC and and ADA quotes. They give the list of endorsements and then say no data exists showing any harm. Rarely is a specific study mentioned.
    They know any bluff requires you not show your hand. Often they make blunders and get even their so called facts mixed up.
    In Volusia County the dentists last year asked for a meeting at the health department and planned how to silence and counter my statements to cities on fluoridation. I was an agenda item but never found out what was said or who attended . I was told it did not fall under Florida Sunshine public records law. I did get the ADA and health department Power points not not one word that was said. I and all other against fluoridation were banned from speaking at a workshop by dentists and health department on on keeping fluoridation. The commission voted 5-0 to keep fluoridation with no negative comments allowed before the vote.
    If they had the science they would lust for a debate to silence us for good. They have no desire to be proven clowns in public. Many I know are skilled enough to do that by themselves with no assistance. The general public trusts the title unaware of their fluoride ignorance. Yoder K.M. 2007 at pubmed.com proves for Indiana and Illinois by testing dental community knowledge. Beyond shocking. Scarey.
    I just watched Dr Neil Carmen series on Alex Jones and was impressed. Did not see you Rae except for the Cameo shot.
    That was such great exposure and Alex Jones has had so many speak on this issue. I did not realize he had Masters also from Dartmouth.
    Hope your commission sees the light. If you could just get one strongly on your side to ask questions when the other side speaks.

  2. They know the IGNORANCE of people is more on their side than SCIENCE, is my guess as to why no one will step up to the plate to defend water fluoridation. The fact is, it is INDEFENSIBLE…!!!!

  3. Was reading some of the excellent reading room material you have.
    The 1954 congressional hearings have nearly the same points as made today. No proof of anything by the promoters but even bigger claims. The Frank Bull DDS statements are so revealing that they knew that that were committing fraud as fluoridation had no defense for safety or toxicity. They knew they would be hung by their own words some day. The design of the studies were proven fraudlent even back then and Sutton did it years later in more detail. They admitted voted almost always killed fluoridation so only did backroom deals with Mayors as first choice or manadatory laws. Bernays as the ultimate spin man who got women to smoke in a tourchs for freedom display at a parade. His book Propaganda 1928 also was the playbook for nazi germany to rise to power. How to control the weak masses without their knowledge. Like dentists pushing fluoridation. Trust with no facts to protect the weak and fair for all. But actually being the opposite in fact. Fluoridation was to protect industry and government nuke program with never any concern for oral health. They only hoped for little provable harm.
    Thanks again Rae for the good links. best of luck with your meetings. I also think Neil Carman can hold his own with anyone. Bill Keil also is great if he has the time and is a city commissioner besides a PHD. Your health department guy is pathetic feeble at best.He looks smart until he talks. Have they no shame. Corky Overmeyer in Grand Rapids raised the issue of safety of fluoridation ans was handed his head. For a few minutes he thought his job was to protect the people. He learned it was to protect fluoridation or lose his job. He was humbled as you found in talking to him. No safety,no science, just promote fluoridation and read simple talking points and avoid debates.

  4. Just watched the video of the austin 5 14 2010 meeting. goo Idea to Question the commission. I have tried with little response. To ask if any would admit to using unfiltered top water as primary source for drinking and cooking is revealing. Not one admitted they used it.Many cities filter or only drink bottle water especially in commission chambers. Daytona Beach Fl always has a huge cooler outside the chambers of bottled water on ice and for each commissioner at each meeting. It is their own brand bottled at the city but RO because the city water turned green over time when bottled. The make special labels and charge about 30 bucks a case plus printing and lose money on the operation anyway. They give it away at city events for PR also.
    The EPA union Headquarters Nteu280.org also did a union grievance to have no fluoride in their office water. They got it removed. congress gets bottled of course.
    DC had very questionable water and had the lead disaster they hid for 3 years starting Nov 1 2000 when they switched to chloramine disinfectant. Lead was hundreds and thousands of times over the 15ppb allowed for 3 years with no warning to public. also no fix of problem until they added orthophosphate. also poly and tri phosphate is used to reduce corrosion and leaching from fluoridation and chlorine or chloramine. Maas 2007 Coplan 2007 document how destructive at leaching lead. Masters and Coplan 1999 2000 both show 41% more lead in blood with FSA fluoridation. double kids at 10 and above for lead toxicity with FSA. Blacks had the highest lead increases. Lead increases violence and stupidity. What great public policy for any city. They worry about paint but poison the water by choice. Often mandatory against you will with ZERO informed consent. Most health departments refrain from testing water for lead even when a child is lead toxic and they can not find the cause is paint. They do not pay for testing paint out of their budget- they pay for water testing. Thus they rarely do it as it points at them being the cause also.

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  6. Lopez-Howell has written and sells with promotion through the ADA, tooth whitening courses to dentists, to disguise the fluorosis damage caused by the the water fluoridation she promotes for the ADA. What a joke.

  7. Thanks for pointing this out .   Not surprising, of course, but still…thanks!  She also (wisely) declined our invitation to debate with Dr. Paul Connett when he visited Austin last November.

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