1. It was great DR Connett could get to speak to the commission. It would have been even better if they all had been present. Several seats were empty. Rob Love and Heather both did excellent jobs also.
    Now if the commission could actually support a honest review of the data. The last was nothing but repeating the ADA talking points. The ADA in court has stated they are harmless for any liability for damage as they only give advise. Same for mercury toxicity where they install 45 tons a year of deadly neurotoxin into people heads in the US alone. 3.7 tons goves down the drain in dentist offices. one filling has enough mercury to pollute toxic a ten acre lake. 3 fillings a billion gallons. In the entire US we drink 8 billion gallons of bottled water a year. Dentists are the biggest cause of mercury in sewage sludge by far. Austin then uses this very toxic waste loaded with many heavy metals and god know what else drug wise for Dillo Dirt. Talk about foolish and arrogant. Most sewage sludge is put is put on land and crops only slightly treated to kill bacteria sometimes. Why soil your own nest? Anything and everything is put down the drain. Much ends up in toxic sludge.
    99% of the fluoride ends up in the environment and less then 1% in humans.
    We now import toxic waste from China to put in the water as fluoridation. How wise is that?

  2. 3 state courts ruled against fluoridation in 1978,1980 and 1982 in Texas ,Pennsylvania and Illinois. Findings of fact against fluoridation benefit and safety still stand. The feds overruled on jurisdiction of police powers alone. Anthony Ferris was the texas Judge and later did a letter confirming the risk and no proven benefit. Remmington law review has all the cases as does FAN. John Remmington Graham was the winning attorney. He is still active but in Canada I think.
    Quebec in 1979 had a 307 page finding called the MOE that shows the many harms of fluoridation especially cancers. This is full copy in http://www.waterloowatch.com
    many foreign governments find fluoridation illegal risky and worthless. Besides it is medication without informed consent thus human testing which is illegal.
    The Canadian Health services are trying to figure out how how to make it legal as it can not pass muster to comply with safety requirements. They have extended the date to comply to stall the decision.
    Washington State also has excellent litigation by James Robert Deal and Gerald Steele. see http://www.fluorideclassaction.com
    Maybe the letter from ferris would help?
    Mr Deal is happy to talk to anyone Pro Bono about intent to litigation notices. He has done this before. He is a hard charger and becoming very knowledgeable with experience.
    Infant formula companies should post warnings but none do. Nestle will warn but only if you call and ask. This was years before the Nov 9 2006 Egram to dentists. I have talked to them all and supermarket chains also on Nursery water and house brands of fluoridated baby water. The FDA did order Nursery water to alter claims and a class action settle ment was made. Total sham really as they get free coupon only for one bottle and waive all damage claims for infant dental damage. The Attorneys did ok. The kids get screwed. The coupon is good for fluoride water also.
    Total cost of less then 5 mil to give out free fluoride water. This deal damages kids.

  3. Will all this stuff getting into the environment, contaminating our water and food, be as bad for us as Dr. Connett says? If people don’t think that floride in the environment is bad, then they should consider that it’s more harmful than bodily waste, [url=http://www.dekalbplastics.comstructural plastics[/url], and metal scraps. I hope people learn about this problem before it’s too late.

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