The Cake Against Fluoride

Good afternoon, Mayor and Councilmembers.  Much has happened since I last stood here.  From November 4-9, Professor. Paul Connett, the nation


  1. Impressed as usual with how great your did. Paul did great too but with out someone getting the ducks in a row so much less would have gotten done. Thanks Rae for pulling it off.
    It ended up being a packed schedule with maybre the meeting with the commissioners aids the most important to break the deadlock.
    People want to do the right thing but need to figure out what that is. It is not easy to go against the ADA and health department. It seems like a safe choice to those not doing their homework. We know how shortsighted they are. It is about policy to them and beliefs. Never current science as the foundation.
    http://www.thew3ealthydentist.com had a new poll with 27% of dentists against fluoridation. Last time it was 15% 2 years ago. This is a big shift and more comments were against then for. We need to help the dentists move forward on this. That is not easy for most of them. Most trust fluoridation deeply. Blindly.

  2. Just wondering if Dentists Griffin ole DDS and Joan Setcik DDS has ever assisted you. They are both listed as fluoride free dentists in the Austin Area. They are also mercury free.
    Just food for thought if you have not talked to them yet. I have no idea how active they wish to be on this issue.

  3. My wife calls me a “candy machine” because of the amount of hard candy and candy bars I eat daily. I love the stuff, but it does not love my teeth. My dentist has informed me several times that I need to brush 3 times a day and not just 2 so that I can have an extra amount of fluoride to help fight the decaying effect of the sugar. I understand the concern listed here about fluoride, but I view it as a case by case chemical. Certain situations exist where one person will be better off with it, while another is better off without it.

  4. Nobody is better off for swallowing a substance as toxic as fluoride.  It’s the act of brushing – which breaks up and removes the mouth bacteria colonies and the acid they produce – that keeps your mouth healthy, not fluoride.  You would get the same
    results from brushing 2 or 3 times a day with a non-fluoridated toothpaste. 

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