Kris Bailey

Austin City Council candidate Kris Bailey has taken me to task – and rightly so – for omitting his name in my last post while mentioning those of two others who are challenging Randi Shade for the Place 3 seat in this May’s election.  The post was intended primarily to cover the City Council Public Health and Human Services Committee’s fluoridation “briefing” of March 22, not the unrelated candidates forum that followed it later in the evening.  But Bailey is a serious contender who should have been included.

Fluoride Free Austin vigorously opposes the forced mass “medication” of entire populations through the vehicle of water fluoridation.  Here’s what Bailey recently had to say on the subject: 

“The Austin City Council has taken the role of prescribing medication to the people of Austin.  We are spending just under a million dollars a year to purchase fluoride to put in the water supply and force the people of Austin to drink it.  I think the debate on whether it is good for you or not really is pointless.  Is it the government’s place to decide what you should be ingesting in your body?  They do not fluoridate the water in Manor right next door to Austin.  It’s not in every city.  This is and will continue to be a campaign issue.  I believe if people want to ingest fluoride in their bodies they can freely go purchase toothpaste at the local grocery store.  I do not support water fluoridation and will work to end that process.”

Learn more about his campaign here and on his Facebook page.

If any other City Council candidate wishes to post their position on water fluoridation in this blogspace, please contact



  1. There is no valid justification for poisoning the public water supply. My reason to oppose fluoridation is this: I ended up in 3rd stage kidney disease before I found out about the health effects of fluoride.

    I quit drinking fluoridated water and quit all green and black teas (high in fluoride). In two months my kidney function had improved by 32%; in 4 months it improved 90%. Because of fluoride, I was headed straight for kidney dialysis.

    In 2006 the National Research Council said that people with lowered kidney function should avoid fluoride

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  3. when city of Kyle send me the yearly foundlings of the condition of the drinking water in the city, they add a warning that fluoride levels were above the recommended. at the same time I just read about this issue in Austin, I called the city and ask what are they doing about it and they said that:
    “Fluoride was found naturally in the water of Texas” what’s the true? are the business people dumping it on the water or is naturally given to us by our land, I think the second makes more sense

  4. Both are true.  Too much fluoride is found naturally the water  in some parts of Texas, including Kyle.  Your fluoride is natural.  However, most of the fluoride in Austin’s public water supply has been dumped there by the business people, as you say.  It
    comes from the fertilizer plants of Florida and is a waste product. 

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