Calcium Fluoride = Natural Fluoride                                 Fluorosilicic Acid = Industrial Waste

Good afternoon, Mayor Leffingwell and Councilmembers.  Today, I


  1. Central Florida has miles of huge toxic radioactive waste gypsum. With cooling ponds on top with billions of gallons of gallons of this very acidic contaminated waste water. Also the piles have more billions of gallons in the stacks themselves. During hurricanes rails these can overflow. One went down a sinkhole into our limestone wqter supply about 1995 by Tampa. The smkestack pollution devises were ordered by the EPa about 1972 because of the huge destruction of cattle ,groves and crops downwind of the plants. The grass around old mines remains very fluoride toxic and damages cattle if they graze more then a year. It is a nighmare. The mines also used to capture uraqnium but now do not.

  2. Many communities in India suffer with high levels of naturally fluoridated water causing skeletal fluorosis, dental fluorosis, kidney problems, and so on. One of their main health challenges is getting the “natural” fluoride OUT of their drinking water. The population often doesn’t have the resources necessary to acquire reverse osmosis water filters. Here’s an article on a current effort to defluoridate water in India:

    Golda Starr

  3. Florida phosphate rock has about 200ppm uranium in the rock mined now. Florida did have up to 7 uranium recovery plants with the last closing in about 1999 in Lake Wales. Up to 75% of all us Yellowcake needs had come from this source during the peak. There even had been a new Plant City 200 million recovery plant planned when yellowcake was above 100 dollars a pound. It is on hold now as total production has declined greatly in the last 4 years. This huge amount of radioactive waste is just ignored now in waste piles or much left in phosphoric acid production. That is how they process the rock to rid it of the 4% fluoride which would be toxic to plants for fertilizer. We get to dispose of this city by city in the water supply. The solution to pollution is dilution in industry. That is how the laws are set up. Dilute it then dump it.
    With fluoridation they get paid for this toxic brew of pollutants never tested for safety or benefit on humans. Or pets or farm animals.
    That is why so many EPA unions have asked congress to halt fluoridation. 19 at last count but starting in 1985. Whistle blowers can be ignored. This is a fluoridegate cover up and now the American trial lawyers are looking to start lawsuits. Dentists especially those that prescribe extra supplements to poor minorities should be first in line. ADA groups have sued in California and elsewhere when cities tried to halt fluoridation.
    They should be the first litigated against. They have full knowledge they benefit from the increased damage to enamel. This is a severe conflict of interest.

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