Corrosive Chemical Eats Straight Through Concrete but Poses “No Immediate Danger” 


A March 30 spill of  dangerous fluorosilicic acid from a tanker truck delivering “fluoride” to the water treatment plant in Rock Island, Illinois is a grim reminder that this could happen anywhere.  Fluoride Free Austin’s March 17 Open Records request to the City of Austin soliciting the cost of insurance against just such a mishap has so far gone unanswered. Tanker trucks arrive in Austin from Florida to deliver our expensive order of fertilizer-industry toxic waste four or five times a year.  Is it possible that the city carries no such insurance?

A visit to the Austin Water Utility two years ago revealed corrosion on a rung of the ladder alongside a fluoride acid storage tank.  It looks relatively small, but the question is:  how did it get there?  Escaping fumes, perhaps?  AWU has assured us that the operation is completely safe because it is “fully automated.”  That makes it completely safe?  Some assurance!  How often has a fully automated system crashed in your presence?  

I’m not accusing.  I’m just saying I wouldn’t bet the rent on it.    

             Storage Tank                           View of Containment Area                           Corrosion on Ladder


  1. Just want to mention many spills have happened. One happened by my second home in Harrison township michigan. I-4 was blocked off in Orlando when a tanker split open on the expressway and 50 went to the hospital late 90’s. A major one just 2 or 3 years ago on the mississippi when a huge tank split and hundreds of thousands of gallons spilled and were put directly into the river. Many leaks happen at water plants as valves, pipes and pumps fail from corrosion. Few are reported. Many overfeeds like one in Austrailia are reported days later and ofen they get the facts of where how much very wrong. Thren they revise the warning many days later like it has value after the fact.
    Washington DC for over three years did not report know sky high lead levels to those drinking it. It took years for any to be punished. The CDC and EPA even aided in the first few years of the cover up. That started Nov 1 2000 aned hearings are still being held to access blame. They now know many were for ever lead damaged but first claimed ZERO damage in a CDC faked study. Trust government less. Read more.

  2. Excellent coverage. Here is more on this deadly substance…

    Dartmouth University Study
    Links Fluoridation with High Lead Levels in Children
    Although the dangers of lead poisoning have been known for years, substantial numbers of children continue to suffer from blood lead above danger level of 10

  3. Marc Edwards of Virginia tech is the top researcher in corrosion and warned of the DC lead disaster for years before it happened. Chloramine was promoted by the EPa but they forgot to warn of its evil corrosive lead leaching dark side. Dc was a disaster very predicatable. They allowed it then ignored it then lied about it to cover it up. The truth is still coming out as to how bad a screw up this was. DC Watch had the transcripts of much of the many hearings.
    Edwards has proven lead leaching can happen in new buildings as many lead free fixtures are 8% lead and surface lead often much higher. Of course the old plumbing is often much worse. School fountains often very toxic. But faking the tests is common with flushing the night before the real test. Just like DC did to claim they were safe while very lead toxic.

  4. Forgot to mention the FluorideGate thing is blowing up in Atlanta Ga. Andrew Young and others are making it a issue. Lets hope it gets legs.

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