It had to happen eventually.  The Austin American-Statesman, after two and a half years of adamant non-coverage while the anti-fluoridation movement quietly gathered steam, finally took notice of us in the person of W. Gardner Selby. 

I had never heard of Selby:  not surprising, since I haven


  1. Bingo! For your children, your pets, your garden, our entire community, take a look at the facts, please…

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  3. Florida state employees had email conversations admitting they all called it pot liquor from pollution scrubbers. They wanted the public statements to only call it a co product. They did not in their own offices or at the phosphate mines.
    The EPa required the scrubbers installed early 70’s to reduce the huge environmental damage from the stacks that had destroyed cattle, groves and crops for decades in central west florida. Toxic waste becomes product only when sold to put in our water supply. Disposal anywhere else gets you fined as a polluter or a very large disposal fee. No government agency to date has tested this H2SiF6 scrubber sludge for safety or benefit. NSF the testing agency has admitted they do not actually test the product as required. Loads never actually show the long list of contaminates. They pretty much just show fluoride content and ignore all the rest. I might mention the phosphate rock contains about 200ppm uranium and used to be recovered years ago and up to 75% of all US needs for yellowcake came from the mines. Now it is just left in the products or huge waste piles of gypsum to hot to use. Mosaic had talked about opening a 200million dollar recovery unit in Plant City about 5 years ago. Until it is built if ever the uranium will be ignored as we add it to our environment quietly.

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