Good afternoon, Mayor and councilmembers. Next Wednesday morning, May 18, the Council’s Committee on Public Health and Human services will meet here in City Hall with representatives on both sides of the fluoridation debate for a “work session” That event could prove a historic turning point, if only you are willing to think outside the box and carefully consider the scientific information our experts will provide.

I urge you to place scientific evidence above cut-and-paste dogma. When you hear “safe and effective” ask yourselves how that can be so in the light of today’s evidence. When you hear “CDC best practices,” remember that those are the same “best practices” that have resulted in fluorosis-disfigured teeth for approaching half of our young people today.

True, endorsement by the CDC sounds impressive—at first. When we think of CDC, we picture its grandiose Atlanta headquarters and army of 15,000 employees. Well, scratch that. The CDC’s Division of Oral Health comprises about 28 dentist-bureaucrats without medical or toxological training, well rewarded to promote community fluoridation. They’re PR people, basically. That’s it.

And there’s strong resistance brewing in Atlanta, the CDC’s backyard. Atlanta is city of 540,000, 58% black. There, the African-American community is mobilizing against what was sold as a social entitlement but is now recognized as environmental racism.

Last month, Andrew Young—iconic MLK-era civil rights leader, former Atlanta mayor, former UN Ambassador, 3-time member of the U.S. House of Representative—and a dentist’s son—came out forcefully against fluoridation. Noting that cavities are rampant in inner cities that have been fluoridated for decades and that both cavity and fluorosis rates are higher among blacks, he said: —quote— “I am most deeply concerned for poor families who have babies: if they cannot afford unfluoridated water for their babies’ milk formula, do their babies not count?… This is an issue of fairness, civil rights, and compassion.”

Two days ago, Martin Luther King’s daughter Bernice King issued an equally forthright statement calling for an end to the practice and for “Fluoridegate” investigations into the deception which has always surrounded it.

The cat’s out of the bag on this one, Council. People are waking up to the fact that fluoride is bad for you. It needs to go the way of the dodo, and soon. Thank you.











  1. If we get enough big named civil right people speaking out- It can not be ignored. Now most cities just march out the public health Bozo who repeats the standard list of quotes. It is just so sad to listen to these know nothings. Then there are always some dentists ready to speak out how they can tell when children have been protected by fluoridation. So can I because their teeth are screwed up and need cosmetic repairs. Most dentists refuse to treat poor kids on medicaid so never see the worst of the worst as they are boycotted as their is little money in treating the poor. This conflict of interest will lead to legal issues against the ADA in due course. They have taken court actions and put up big money to start or keep fluoridation. Often against cities that do not want it but commissions over ride their wishes anyway. San Diego and Watsonville Cal are two recent examples of dirty behind the scene actions. Michael Easley DDS Florida Oral Health was quoted in California as saying “Nobody drags anyone to a water faucet and makes them drink. Dig a well. Move out of the country.” Shills like this are paid to protect us. He is still one of the big lobby people for mandatory fluoridation. He is no fool. I have debated him outside the commission chambers but all he does is attack for the most part. But he has actually read some of the data unlike many others in public health.
    Austin has many qualified to debate the science with far more skill they your public health schill.

  2. We have some terrific people; unfortunately we’ve always been denied a platform for formal debate.  But we’ve got an interesting debate coming up:  see http://www.fluoridefreeaustin.com announcement.  The Health Department shill can’t debate, but he can get
    juicy CDC grants.  He recently got one for about $7.5 million to “study” tobacco use and set up anti-tobacco “programs”.  He’s been milking that cow for 20 years. 

  3. I also have been banned from speaking ever again on fluoridation in my own city commission. It was the rule of two on any one topic then never allowed again. The newspaper joked first amendment was lost in Ormond beach.
    I was gaveled down in Daytona beach in 2007 when they voted on fluoridation at 3 minutes when the normal time is as much as needed. I was blindsided so to speak. All the lobby stuff was prior to the meeting behind closed doors by the 6 public health professionals who did not speak at the meeting. After the vote I with the reporter in tail went over to the group of shills and started a debate. I had never wanted or asked for a vote as I knew it would be pro fluoride. They wanted it as to change the charter which said fluoridation at 1ppm was totally harmless per the commission of Daytona Beach. They tried to distance themselves from future litigation. The public works bozo had already stated the SDWA did not protect all nor was it intened to. He suggested I and others buy bottled or use point of use treatment if our medical professionals thought we were at risk.
    The my Dentist Mayor with ADA asked health department to hold a shaded meeting(non public record)at the health department as to how to silence me. It was printed on the agenda. The next vote was in Deland which I did not know happened until after. Then Port Orange had a workshop then vote but banned all outside comment except health department, dentists pro fluoride. I was told three times I could not speak. They voted 5-0 to keep fluoridation. I was allowed to speak at the next commission meeting after the vote. I still did not know the secret meeting had happened at the health department until months later.
    Out tax dollars are spent to protect policy not people. I had a doctor who promised to show up who treats toxic damaged kids but ditched for some reason. I was not the only one not allowed to speak either.

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