Hamlet had his problems too…

Good afternoon, Mayor and Council.  We’ve heard tell of a letter sent by the Pew charitable trust to the Committee on Public Health and Human Services in the days just prior to the Committee’s October 18 vote to defer action on a health warning about fluoride for the monthly water bill.

Is any one of you able to produce a copy of that letter?  I’d like to have a look at it.

The letter allegedly pressures the Committee to reject the warning.  The reason we know about it is that a reference to it was posted on the Public Health Dentists’ listserv on October 24 by a Pew official. Matt Jacob is communications project manager of Pew’s Children’s Dental Health Campaign, so we assume he knows what he’s talking about.  His exact words to his newsgroup were:


  1. Please be aware we can use the PEW dental data for our own advantage. Their own data shows just shocking data on how many poor kids do not get dental care. How many dentists flat refuse to treat the poor medicaid kids. They prove a disaster caused by lack of dental care and nutrition-not a lack of fluoride toxicity. They are failed policy promoter no matter how stupid or harmful. They are blind to the truth. They promote the lie instead for some reason.
    My dentist mayor even got a special meeting at the health department with me as a agenda item on how to silence my science on fluoridation. How to block me from meetings like they banned me in Ormond Beach. I am now again allowed to speak and my own commissioner stated they were wrong and I was right. They still have not voted fluoridation out. Three of 5 of the commission are attorney. I am emailing them the current litigation information with Nestle, Gerber and the San Diego lawsuit. The Seattle links with Fluoride class action also. I know these people are not dumb and the Mayor is even talking about so many sources of fluoride besides the water and maybe it is not needed anymore.
    Austin has so many experts that deserve respect willing to speak out loud and skillfully also. And you get ignored for the most part. Like PEW gets much anything right on policy.
    I think the tipping point is coming soon. I am thankful for all the hard work from your many experts speaking out. A major lawsuit win will change the game when it happens.

  2. Excellent research and great question. Can you post this on local facebook pages, send it to the local newspaper as an editorial, find other local blogs to post it on? Are there ways to let your local community know about the functioning political process. This is unacceptable, fully unacceptable. So glad to see that you were able to figure it out!!

  3. Thanks for your support, Golda. We’ll get it posted on some Facebook pages for sure.  This chapter of the story isn’t over by any means. 

    You Washington state activists are kicking butt too, and I really admire your efforts.

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