COMING AUGUST 19 @ 3 PM: Public Utilities Committee Fluoridation Hearing, Round 2



The Fluoride Free Updater                Monday, July 27, 2015 

Greetings, Fellow Fluoride Fighters: 

We made a great showing at the Public Utilities Committee meeting on June 17.  To all who came: many thanks.  To everybody: let’s do it again, even bigger and better, on August 19. 

At last month’s historic PUC meeting vice-chair Don Zimmerman (Dist. 6), acting  as chair in the absence on maternity leave of chair Delia Garza (Dist. 2), introduced a resolution (Item 4) to consider ending water fluoridation in Austin. Our side was ably represented by the formal presentations of  Dr. Griffin Cole DDS and Neil Carman, PhD, as well as several citizens communication speakers including Laura Pressley, Ph.D.  The fluoride pushers’ reps, Jamet  Pichette of Health & Human Services and Jane Burazer of Austin Water Utility, stumbled nervously through their scripts in the absence of Dr. Philip Huang, HHS’ chief medical officer, who was out of town.  At least 35 anti-fluoridation supporters (and none  pro-F) were present, most signed up to speak or donate time. Unfortunately, many did not get the opportunity owing to time constraints. Their presence, however, was duly noted and vital to carrying the message to the Committee that this issue is extremely important to the citizens of Austin.  Ultimately, the three councilmembers present voted to table the matter pending further study and take it up again at their next meeting, in August.

The August 19 meeting will differ from June’s in that committee chair Garza–back from leave–will be presiding.  But we have some great news:  she has placed fluoridation on the agenda.  (thank you, Ms. Garza!) So we have the same challenge ahead as last month:  we need lots of people to come prepared to speak or donate time–or simply show, by their presence, that Austinites strongly oppose the addition of a toxic fluoride chemical to our drinking water.

Actually, next month’s challenge will be even greater, because the dental establishment will be present in force and champing at the bit to spew their cut-and-paste ADA/CDC propaganda. We know this because they have already issued a recruitment notice. We also hear that Dr. Huang is most eager to attend and do the same.

Please plan to attend and sign up to speak, or simply register your position on paper.  Also, call the members of the Committee: Zimmerman, Garza, Ellen Troxclair (Dist. 8) and Ann Kitchen (Dist. 5)  to request they vote to move fluoridation to the full Council for consideration  and to voice your opposition. to a practice now known to be particularly harmful to babies and young children. If you prefer, you can email them from here.

A reminder will be sent out prior to the meeting.  Meanwhile, mark your calendars:

Wednesday, August 19,   3:00 p.m., City Hall council chambers

See you there.

 Rae Nadler-Olenick

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