Bring on the Clowns!

The Public Health and Human Services Committee meeting of October 18 has come and gone.  The event to which many of us had looked forward with such hope (and others with some skepticism) has emerged as just another show.  

The hearing before the Committee had been in the works for quite a while.  City Council having remained adamant for three years in its refusal to even discuss reversing water fluoridation, we proposed something more incremental and, hopefully, less terrifying to professional politicians.  Perhaps the committee dedicated to health matters would entertain the idea of warning consumers of the risk to babies of consuming fluoridated water during the first year.  After all, even the CDC and the American Dental Association supported that idea. And Mosaic Co., the the vendor of the fluorosilicic acid Austin dumps into our drinking water, states clearly in its own literature that tooth and bone damage – called fluorosis – are health risks, starting in infancy.    

Council chambers was packed with our supporters.  There was plenty of testimony from well-informed citizens:  40 signed up to speak, and 25 had the opportunity before time was called and the remaining names read into the record.  The speakers included two dentists, a physician, a pharmacist, a nurse, and several Ph.D. scientists. Not a single member of the public at large showed up to represent the opposing view.

            Citizens request a warning:  Griffin Cole, DDS (l) and Mike Ford (r)

In the end, none of it mattered. The Committee ignored it all. Directing not a single question to any of the speakers, they turned exclusively to the city’s hired guns, Janet Pichette of the Department of Health and Human Services and Jane Burazer for their information.  Quickly satisfied with the CDC-driven version of things, they then voted unanimously to defer their final decision about a warning until they could collect more information – from the same sources whose legitimacy we’ve been challenging all along.  Their shameful performance can be seen below:  


We have since learned that the Committee has specifically invited dentists to appear at their next meeting, on Tuesday, November 22, at 2 p.m.  It should be an interesting occasion.

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