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  1. On the topic of FOI requests for public rocords is a excellent article at It is about mercury data the
    CDC has refused to release for 7 years. Brian S Hooker PHD has a vaccine damaged son and has been stonewalled for years by all of the govenment agencies. He got some critical documents showing fraud from Congressman Weldon. He then requested those documents and compared the redacted data. All most all of the redacted material was the smoking gun showed guilt and proved the position to be a total lie. This is now being used in court for discovery to obtain more data. This shows autism fell when Denmark halted use of Mercury in vaccines. The authers knew this and altered the data to show the opposite.Very damming. especially in light of Poul Thorsen being indited on multiple fraud charges in Atlanda federal court by the DOJ. He conned the CDC out of at least a million as he created the fraud that mercury was safe for the CDC. They only paid for one con not to be ripped off extra. It shows no honor among thieves. Especially the CDC group who designed the mercury fraud and paid dearly for altered data. Which they had a hard time getting published as it stunk in a professional way. It shows how FOI can be used to expose fraud. Like Fluoridation maybe?

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