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Now for a few words about some politicians who are NOT lying…


  1. This is very much spot on.
    Sadly thyroid malfunction especially when iodine deficient happens at exceptionally low levels of fluoride intake. The 2006 NRC showed it could happen at .7 mg fluoride intake per day for an adult. Many adults get 2mg dose in non fluoridated cities because of food and beverage contamination and dental products also. In fluoridated areas it is many times that for high water users like diabetics and outside workers besides athletes and some just drink lots of water like many in my family. Myself often 2 gal a day outside working in the heat. Sometimes more but no fluoridated water the last 7 years. It took only 3 months for my disabling joint pain to go away when I got off the city fluoridation. I was shocked happy but very mad also for what they wish to do to us all with no concern because some dentist said to do it. I got resolve when stonewalled when they told me I would go away like the others had that had complained before. Instead they had to ban me from speaking to get me to go away then I just shifted cities to speak even more.
    The CDC Oral health is just 30 dentists hired to do PR and not a single toxicologist qualified to determine whole body health risks. They really do not care as it is about protecting policy not people. I really do not think they even care who the harm as long as they are not blamed publicly. Most in the ADA and AMa just roll over on endorsements never doing due diligence. It is the easy rout that gets little flack. And dentists create great amounts of future income from cosmetic damage fluoridation causes. Only a tiny number of dentists actually care for the poor on medicaid anyway so they avoid those they damage the worst. 75% of the cavities happen to 25% of the people(poor and minority usually) Those that the typical dentist rarely sees in his chair. Those poor can get loaded with mercury fillings or kids with steel caps from baby bottle rot from sipppy cuts and bottles in bed or naps or all day. Lack of dental advise or care and poor parenting is the sole cause for this. Poor nutrition is the foundation of poor health and deantal caries which Burt showed in Detroit with kids 100% fluoridated for decades. And near 100% with cavities by age 5 and 83% had untreated caries by 15 still. Fluoridated water soda and chips are the opposite of good health and the typical diet seen in Detroit. A vegetable fruit food desert. Just food rules with fluoride chaser.

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