The first City Council citizens’ communication of 2012 brought out a wealth of 3-minute speakers on a variety of interesting topics – not just fluoridation.  But Fluoride Free Austin was well-represented by four stalwarts at the podium and numerous supporters in the audience as well. 


Darcy Bloom explained the importance of the toothbrush in oral hygiene, information apparently lost on the present-day City Council. 

John Bush, just back from several months’ banishment from City Hall for exercising his free speech rights on a previous occasion, addressed those issues.  Bush, a FFA Steering Committee member, is even better known for his leadership role in Texans for Accountable Government.


Rae Nadler-Olenick let the Council know that we’ve drawn the line and we’re not going away. Then she wished them a Happy New Year.
Philip Greene talked about the non-FDA-approved fluorosilicic acid used to mass-medicate Austinites.

It would be great to have a turnout like this for every Citizens Communication.  If you’re interested in becoming a speaker, contact us at or 512-371-3786.  Or, just call the City Clerk’s office 512-974-2210 to learn the signup procedure.   

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