Six-Year-Old Protests Fluoride. Mayor Says “Great Job.” Issue Dismissed.


Plucky Alaina Farley, aged six years and nine months, had a few things to say about the addition of hazardous fluoride waste to Austin’s drinking water, and she decided to say them to the City Council.  Alaina spoke her piece during citizens communication on March 1, 2012, delighting her audience, including Mayor Leffingwell, who told her, “You did a great job.”  Let’s hope he’ll continue to feel that way when she makes a return appearance, as she has offered to do.  Go Alaina! 

Unfortunately, Alaina’s small voice coupled with some audio glitches made parts of her talk hard to hear. We trust this problem will be ironed out at her next performance before the throne of power, which we eagerly await.  Meanwhile, you can read the text of  her speech, below.


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