Fluoride Follies Is Back!

Good news for our followers: after an absence of a year and a half, our popular Fluoride Follies blog will soon be back in regular publication.  The blog disappeared abruptly in 2013, when GoDaddy discontinued the Smart Space platform on which it had been running.  I had just enough time to download the several hundred entries, html markup intact, and stow them away in hope of the day when it could be restored somewhere, somehow.  That day finally came  when, at last December’s Texans for Accountable Government meeting, I was high bidder at a silent auction for 10 hours of web services by multi-talented consultant/entrepreneur Darrell Malone, Jr.  Mr. Malone, of Endeavor Marketing Solutions here in Austin, expertly rebuilt the blog on Word Press and threaded it back into our web page.  Today we are back in business: Fluoride Follies can once again be accessed through the blog button at www.fluoridefreeaustin.com.  Many thanks are due to Mr. Malone for his great work, and to TAG executive director Justin Arman, who recommended him.

A lot has happened in the time we’ve been away. We’ll do some catching up in future posts.

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