My subject is water fluoridation and you

27 thoughts on “FLUORIDE-DATE LECTURE #2 – TOM SAWYER – November 20, 2008”

  1. Since I was acquainted with Dr. John Yiamouyiannis in 1990’s before his untimely fate: I direct you to Fluoride: The Aging Factor …which book, after he published it, based on world-wide reporting of the fluoride chemicals…then cost him his job at the American Chemical Society (research bldg next to Ohio State University). In his particular case you might blame the subsequent unemployment on the Aluminun Company persons (corporate power) east of Columbus at Newark, OHIO. So John & family moved north to next county where he became the CEO in a fashion (to make a living) of THE SAFE WATER FOUNDATION at Delaware, OHIO. He was a hero and whistleblower of magnificent courage!
    Now I have not met the widow of Dr. John Yiamouyiannis since his passing, but I hope that we can locate her through the THE SAFE WATER FOUNDATION and a routine Internet search of 2009 listings. (I did this earlier and have been indisposed so far to make a trip to Delaware to renew acquaintance.) Also John co-authored a book about the AIDS~scandal and NIH~bastard~wastrel named Robert Gallo who sponsored genocide with AZT~poison used as an experimental treatment of HIV~positive cases. MUCH Money was to be made from the use of HIV~testing kits and the other contrivances for commercial purposes to suck up Federal Funding. The story is a horror indeed about the wretched greedy finaglers at NIH and CDC and AMA and other gov’t grant recipients… who were (and are) the consumate greedy bureaucrats who seek BILLIONS from FedGov to do worthless research or worse[murder by Rx].
    Now I am a graduate engineer who went to O.S.U. at Columbus for six years and later worked at over a dozen chemical plants and safety programs. I worked four times at the facilities of E.I.DuPont de Nemours & Co. as a contractor in Delaware, Tenn., & Ohio[designer/engineer/technician/writer]. My fourth and last assignment with DuPont Co. was just south of Columbus at Circleville, Ohio where our safety program was so disciplined that in my section at the K~T~SP department, we had one hour of every 40~hour work week devoted to a safety meeting on routine (compulsory) basis. I was working to add 50% increase in capacity to manufacture flat~film product [TEFLON Film] used for insulation in jet engines. And the pellets for the melt & extrude end [beginning of production line] was emitting HF~gas in enough amount that no women of child~bearing age were permitted to work in that area.
    Essentially I would like to have Maggie be in contact with Alex Jones for c2c-program again and introduced to the corporate and world~wide files of how to avoid problems with HF~gas and fluoride chemicals. And I am still alive and angry about John and others who are gone!
    Now I want to hear from Maggie and help to prepare for a FLUORIDE Expo’ via Alex Jones and c2c-program… which has producer already interested in making a “SPECIAL Ed.” about the problems with fluoride. Q.E.D./ Jim

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