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WATER FLUORIDATION:  an IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS PASSED                                                                                  


Over 50 years ago, on the recommendation of scientists working for the Public Health Service, many U.S. cities began adding a chemical known as fluoride to their water supplies.  The scientists promised that fluoride would give children strong, cavity-free teeth.  It would particularly help economically disadvantaged children, they said, by making a nutritious diet and good oral hygiene unnecessary for sound dental health.  And, they insisted, in the very small amounts administered–about one part per million–it would be perfectly safe. 


Today we know better.  Proper nutrition and oral hygiene are the key to healthy teeth, as they always have been.  There are no short cuts.  There is no overall difference in dental health between fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities.  And, far from being harmless, fluoride is extremely toxic. Stored up in the body over time, it displaces necessary elements like calcium and iodine, disrupting bone, glandular, and even brain function.   Low income groups (the main pretext for water fluoridation) suffer disproportionally from these effects.  

?         In 2001, the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) admitted that any benefits of fluoride come from topical application (as in brushing with fluoridated toothpaste), not from ingestion.


?         In 2006, both the Centers for Disease Control and the American Dental Association (ADA) admitted that fluoridated water is harmful to infants and warned against using it in baby formula.


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