Portland, Oregon VS Grand Rapids Michigan: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

                                                                                   PORTLAND, OREGON

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN (sculpture alongside the
                                                        Marriott Hotel is a monument to water fluoridation)   

Water Status:                Never fluoridated
2008 Population:         550,396 (US Census Bureau Pop. Fact Finder)
Number of Dentists:   629 (AnyWho Yellow Pages, current listing)

Water Status:                Fluoridated since 1945 (first in US and world)
2008 Population:         193,627 (US Census Bureau Pop. Fact Finder)
Number of Dentists:   924 (AnyWho Yellow Pages, current listing)

Q:  Why does Grand Rapids need so many dentists?


18 thoughts on “Portland, Oregon VS Grand Rapids Michigan: What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. Portland with nearly three times more people but Grand Rapids has almost 50% more dentists. My dentist Mayor told me this happens because well to do people want fluoridation so more dentist go there to serve them. I think the data shows more likely fluoridation has no benefit except to create more work for dentists at expensive cosmetic repairs. It certainly does not reduce cavities.
    The JADA in 1972 said dentists made 17% more income in fluoridated cities. The CBS almanac in 1976 showed 121 dentists per 100,000 citizens in longest fluoridated starter cities. 76/100,000 in overall fluoridated cities. 59/100,000 in never fluoridated cities.
    Only a fool or government health department person could not see Grand Rapids proved fluoridation benefit claims a total fraud.
    114/100,000 Portland
    447/100,000 Grand Rapids
    This shows almost exactly 4 times more dentists in Grand Rapids then Portland. Doubt the dentists in Grand Rapids work 1/4 as much or make 1/4 as much income.
    The dental community can be proud of this monument to dentists. Strange I keep on hearing they out of the goodness of their hearts put them selves out of business to protect us all. facts look more like the opposite group gets protected. Dentists benefit with more jobs just like the ADA admitted in 1972 and the CBS data showed clearly. I want to trust dentists but they make it very hard to trust

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