Fluoride Date Lecture #18 – Calling Alamo Heights’ Bill Kiel!


Good afternoon, Mayor Leffingwell and councilmembers.  There

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  1. Fluoride can take around twenty years to make you sick. My dog is thirteen – he gets sick from drinking fluoridated water. Fluoride is one big scam on humans -pay tax to get sick.

  2. Hi, Trillion -

    Thanks for sending this from Down Under.  If my web host supports embedding videos (Ill have to find out), I’ll put it there; otherwise, I’ll provide a link. -MRNO

  3. I had talked to Bill back when he was fighting the issue in Alamo Heights. He had did the research and after watching power points and presentation of the state health department made up a power point response. As a commissioner he could interupt at any point as the health department presented and correct their invalid science. He had the power point with the specific corrections ready to go and just over came the health department person used to sitting ducks. This one shot back and hit the target. His lack of current science became very apparent to all as his points were corrected as false. The commission reversed their desire to fluoridate and instead all voted against on the Alamo Heights commission.
    If you have just one strong person on your side on the commission then the truth can come out. Things tend to follow the lead of the mayor often unless someone else takes the role. Try to cultivate that person if possible as a friend in your corner. Gainesville Florida had terrific people against fluoridation but the mayor also was head of the utilities commission and became very pro fluoride to fight for it. They did the staff report to advise to keep fluoridation. Then the full commission did not even vote on it as it went on the consent agenda and not even one commissioner would remove it for a real debate discussion. They just wanted it behind them to ignore it forever. Dr Scott Tomar was their big gun who is the writer of the CDC top 10 health policy concept and 38 dollars saved for every one invested in fluoridation. This man is a world class flim flam man. Paul Connett did a excellent job of correcting all the misstatements but the die was already cast as the Utility board had already voted for fluoridation. His detailed comments were not posted as part of the record for all to see thus proving deception in the official record.
    This is not by accident that the record becomes distorted. It is how they get the win by design. Fluoridation can not stand the light of day. It has a dark history of deception ignored by the supporters who often never read the other side. Most only do simplistic talking points in a rote reflex manner with one size fits all non answers.
    Locally on March 10 2009 a secret meeting to plan how to fight for fluoridation happened in Volusia County Fl. My Dentist mayor had asked this cover how to rebut what I am doing to get the science to the cities. They first said it was not public record. I asked for the agenda which I told them was public record. From there I made several requests and got two power points from state ADA and health departments and the handouts. They said no transcripts ,recordings or records of who attended existed and they could help no more as it was not public record. Tax dollars pay for this behavior. Port Orange finally scheduled a workshop for fluoridation halt question as I had asked for a debate discussion. They banned me and others against fluoridation from speaking saying we could later.

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