Fluoride Date Lecture #20 – NUGGETS FROM THE TIME CAPSULE


Good afternoon, Mayor Leffingwell and councilmembers.  Last month I spent an afternoon researching the musty back files of the Austin Statesman in an attempt to grasp the circumstances surrounding the city

20 thoughts on “Fluoride Date Lecture #20 – NUGGETS FROM THE TIME CAPSULE”

  1. GREAT info here but many of the entries are cut off on the right side so that they are incomplete and I cannot read it all. =( Is there another link where I can see the full copy? Thanks — and thank you for what you are doing!!!!!

  2. I can’t believe the amount of indifference the public has concerning this issue. (and given the vote in 1972, not much has changed) Those who are in favor of fluoridation would like us to think that it is so valuable to dental health that it should be imposed on the public regardless. What everyone fails to consider is that much like vaccines and other types of medical treatments . . .these issues should be a matter of personal election.

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