1. The US Tox profile in 1993 showed many unusually susceptible subsets. At the 2000 Calvert congressional hearings specific numbers of millions of Americans in each group were given.
    The groups were all seniors 50 and over, heart patients, kidney disease patients,those low on calcium, magnesium, vit C and also those with low protein intake. This is actually most in the US and some are in all risk groups. Sort of the opposite of winning the lotto.
    I think calcium 25% and more below goal was 44% of us all, 37% for magnesium and 27% for vitamin C. The goal for vitamin C is so crazy low as to be near scurvy at 200mg day. Humans and primate are rare in that most of the animal kingdom produces its own C and often in huge quanties especially when sick. All three protect against fluoride toxicity with the Teotia huge study on over 400,000 saying low Calcium is a huge risk factor as it combines with fluoride in the gut to pass it with out harm out of the body.
    Of course babies are the highest intake by body weight group with 2.5 oz intake fluoride per pound as a adult at 200 pounds would need 4 gallons to match a babies intake. They also reject very little fluoride as kidneys are not developed yet. I have seen 14%rejection instead of the normal 50% for healthy adult kidneys. It all goes downhill with age or disease. Blacks have close to double the diabetes and kidney damage for the double risk whammy.

    On the topic of future lawsuits we now have Nidel Law actually seeking pictures of dental fluososis and history of fluoridation intake and supplements given by dentists and doctors and proof can be provided for dates and prescriptions and treatments. Go to the http://www.nidellaw.com and read the questions. Dan Stockin gave me a heads up on this and it is posted at top of home page for http://www.fluoridealert.org . I am making up lots of copies with my comments and trying to get the local black churches notified of what it is and how they got it. Many might be more interested if they see money for repairs at the end of the tunnel. If this gains a groundswell it will turn heads. Once people understand the risks and damage forced upon them they should be very unhappy. The last thing dentists want is to be in the litigation loop. I think a sad fact might be blacks even in fluoridated cities were fluoride supplemented for extra protection. The Augusta Ga 1990 study with 80% with fluorosis and 14% with moderate damage did state many dentists, doctors doubled down on fluoride for black kids they thought at risk. They certainly were after that action to overdose. It is high time some of these people understand the harm they caused and stop. Yoder K.M. Indiana 2007 on pubmed.com shows most have no clue their beliefs are harmful. Let them say I am sorry with lots of cash for the harm they caused. Remember teeth are just the tip of the iceberg we can see. Sometimes litigation is the only way to halt stupidity.

  2. Good point! Adding fluoride to the water — especially when it is VERY difficult to take it out (even reverse osmosis and shower filters do NOT take out the fluoride) is just criminal in my opinion!!

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