For the past four years, Fluoride Free Austin has resolutely carried out its mission to educate  Austin’s City Council about the dangers of the toxic waste product – fluorosilicic acid – the city uses to fluoridate its drinking water.  We’ve spoken hundreds of times before the Council and its attendant boards and committees; submitted reams of documentation to support our position; brought in internationally-acclaimed expert Dr. Paul Connett (twice) to plead out case.

For four years, the Council has arrogantly ignored us, taking refuge behind the advertising endorsements of medical bureaucracies (CDC, ADA et al) and setting up public “hearings” carefully rigged to ensure that the truth could never emerge.

But the Council did make one important concession.  In December 2011 – following over a year of pressure from us – they agreed to include an “advisory” (they refuse to call it a warning) about mixing infant formula with fluoridated tapwater to the Drinking Water Quality Report mailed out to customers once a year.  Fluoride and Infants, which also appears on the City of Austin’s Water Utilities and Health and Human Services websites though not on the monthly water bill as we had requested, likely amused the Council and their puppet masters at the Department of Health and Human Services, since it actually amounts to a lightly-veiled endorsement of fluoride for babies.  However, from the mix of half-truths and outright lies, a significant admission emerges:

“…some children may develop enamel fluorosis, a cosmetic condition where faint white markings or streaks may appear on the teeth.  Fluorosis can affect both baby teeth and permanent teeth while they’re forming under the gums.”

The fluoride pushers would have us believe that enamel fluorosis is “only” a cosmetic condition, and one which only silly, overanxious would worry about at that.  We, of course, recognize it as a symptom of poisoning:  the first visible sign of acute fluoride toxicity. 

We are interested in locating Austinites who suffer from this condition due to the city’s reckless policy of fluoridation and failure to warn. If you are a lifelong Austinite under the age of 45 whose teeth resemble those shown in the video above, please contact us at (512) 371-3786 or

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