1. Thanks for the dirt on Dillo Dirt…! So sad how much of business today focuses so much energy on HIDING THE TRUTH clients and customers. This is especially true when it comes to how our environment continues to move in destructive and non-ecological directions! Don’t get me started on the term “Natural” on food labels (which means nothing on a label except that the seller wants you to buy it, because there are no legal requirements for using that term!)

  2. The US EPA and waste industry are promoting the landspreading of Class B sewage sludge containing infectious human and animal prions on grazing lands, hay fields, and dairy pastures. This puts livestock and wildlife at risk of infection. They ingest large quantities of dirt and top dressed sludge with their fodder.

    Prion infected Class A sludge “biosolids” compost is spread in parks, playgrounds, home lawns, flower and vegetable gardens – putting humans, family pets, and children with their undeveloped immune systems and hand-to-mouth “eat dirt” behavior at risk. University of Wisconsin prion researchers, working with $100,000 EPA grant and a $5 million Dept. of Defense grant, have found that prions become 680 times more infectious in certain types of soil. Prions can survive for over 3 years in soils. And human prions are 100,000 times more difficult to inactivate than animal prions

    Recently, researchers at UC Santa Cruz, and elsewhere, announced that Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a prion disease. “Prion” = proteinaceous infectious particle which causes always fatal TSEs (Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies) in humans and animals including BSE (Mad Cow Disease), scrapie in sheep and goats, and Chronic Wasting Disease in deer, elk and moose. Human prion diseases are AD and CJD (Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease,) and other rarer maladies. Infectious prions have been found in human and animal muscle tissue including heart, saliva, blood, urine, feces and many other organs.

    Alzheimer’s rates are soaring as Babyboomers age – there are now over 5.3 million AD victims in US shedding infectious prions in their blood, urine and feces, into public sewers. This Alzheimer’s epidemic has almost 500,000 new victims each year. No sewage treatment process inactivates prions – they are practically indestructible. The wastewater treatment process reconcentrates the infectious prions in the sewage sludge.

    Quotes from Dr. Joel Pedersen, Univ. of Wisconsin, on his prion research:

    Our results suggest that if prions were to enter municipal waste water treatment systems, most of the agent would partition to activated sludge solids, survive mesophilic anaerobic digestion, and be present in
    treated biosolids. Land application of biosolids containing prions could represent a route for their unintentional introduction into the environment. Our results argue for excluding inputs of prions to municipal wastewater treatment.”

    “Prions could end up in wastewater treatment plants via slaughterhouse drains, hunted game cleaned in a sink, or humans with vCJD shedding prions in their urine or faeces, Pedersen says”
    (Note – This UW research was conducted BEFORE UCSC scientists determined that Alzheimer’s Disease is another prion disease which may be shedding infectious prions into public sewers and Class B and Class A sludge “biosolids.)

    Helane Shields, Alton, NH 03809


  3. Thanks for this very useful information.  There’s a good program, “Parker’s Pathways,” on the Republic Broadcasting Network that deals with issues of both sludge and fluoridated water.  You can hear it at http://republicbroadcasting.org on Sundays, 10 a.m. to noon, CST.

  4. Thank you, Linda, for great comments about the hazards of using sludge on land. Class A sludge compost is NOT sterilized, and pathogens can regrow in this material. The US sludge regulations are woefully inadequate: every industry, business, and institution is permitted to dump 33 pounds of hazardous waste into sewage treatment plants, every month. As these, and all the other contaminants you mention, are removed from the waste water, they concentrate in the resultant sludge. The Federal Clean Water Act defines sewage sludge as a pollutant. Why would any person want to put this complex and unpredictable polluted waste on land where we grow our food? Especially if much safer soil amendments exist that will produce healthy produce and preserve healthy soil. None of our major food processors ( DelMonte, Heinz) accept produce grown on land that has been treated with sewage sludge.
    Visit sludgefacts.org for up-to-date and accurate information about the risks associated with sludge use.

  5. Just wanted to mention the phosphate industry wants to use too radioactive to be safe waste gypsum from our mega toxic piles for soil amendment. Sweeten the soil and make mutant tomatoes maybe. The allowed radiation is over the top by factor of 8. They also want to use it as a excellent road bed. Relax it is only radiation. Profit is so hard to have if you do it safe. Happy Dillo day. Jim

  6. See http://www.iaomt.org for articles on mercury in sewage sludge being almost 100% from dentist use of amalgams. San Francisco had heavy metal problems in their sludge. By getting every dentist to install a mercury seperator to catch amalgam mercury.

  7. we continue to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on useless water fluoridation when those same funds could be turned to productive purposes: toothpaste and toothbrushes, education, vouchers for dental visits the possibilities are endless.

  8. Thank you for the heads up about Dillo Dirt. I think its baffling that the city claims the product is perfectly safe to use for gardening and growing vegetables even with the toxic composition it is made from, yet the actual company puts a product label on the soil warning consumers about the dangers of growing vegetables and recommends it only for lawn and gardening. Who would want to put their families and themselves at risk by using this toxic composition? I will most definitely be reading all of the warning labels and composition the next time I buy soil, and Dillo Dirt will not be on my list!

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  13. Toxic waste produced by industrial plants and consumer goods are one of the sources of pollution and will eventually lead to illness and diseases. Hope we can advocate to stop these types of pollutions in our areas.

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