1. It’s not well-known that too much of our fluoridation chemicals are purchased from China, Japan and Mexico, according to information provided by the Center for Disease Control’s fluoridation engineer Kip Duchon to the Boulder, Colorado Water Resources Advisory Board

    Appendix A

    City of Boulder Water Treatment

    Fluoride Chemical Comparison

    NSF-certified sodium silicofluoride

    90% is domestically product (predominantly by Mosaic Co.)
    5% from Mexico and
    5% from Canada

    NSF-certified Sodium fluoride
    100% imported from Asia, mostly from China

    Sodium fluoride – Pharmaceutical grade
    100% imported from Asia, mostly from China

    Fluorosilicic Acid NSF-certified
    50% domestically produced
    50% imported from China


    The only way to know for sure if your city or town uses fluoride chemicals originating from foreign countries is to go down to the water department and take a look yourself – if no one will tell you over the phone.

  2. The 2006 NRC review mentioned this issue as a major problem.One of the 1100 studies used reported those low on iodine could have adverse effects as low as .7mg per day for a 170 pound male. This dose is exceeded for most and often many times over even in non fluoridated areas from beverage and food contasmination. That is possible because many have more fluoride then the water and often by a large to huge factor. The USDA has now sampled some of these with readings. The new Sulfuryl Fluoride fumigation is allowed to leave huge fluoride residues with no mention to the public. A Dow Termite fumigant named Vikane when sold for human exposure is called Profume. Storage and processing for foods are fumigated with the foods present and this is now legal for 200 food groups after brief testing under many false claims by Dow. The product was claimed to not be a green house gas but not has been proven by 3 research facilities like Woods Hole and Mass Institute Tech. They have now proven this is one of the worst and very long lived about 40 years. The opposite of claimed to get approval. Deceptive at best.
    Shocking levels are permitted for fluorides in the foods. Grains were a range of 70-130ppm but any processed grain product like cake mix up to 70ppm. Dried eggs were beyond shocking at 900ppm(nine hundred) this is not a typo. This is toothpaste level and you know the warning on that. Call poison control above pea sized dab ingested. The health department and dentists ,doctors have no clue this is true.
    I lived in Michigan the goiter belt and both my grandmothers had goiter.
    The same NRC 2006 review also mentioned the same 170 male could have risk of lower thyroid at 3.5mg when normal iodine. Again this is well within the normal range today and many groups exceed this by multiples especially high water intake persons of kidney ,diabetes problems. But then infants for body weight by far have the greatest intakes. Do the math at 2.5 oz per pound per day typical but some higher. This would mean a 200 pound male at 4 gallons. Like myself I rarely do less then 1 gal and often 2 but have done three on exceptional hot days working outside. The EPa did admit 1 gal put the person in the top 1% risk group for problems. They made the assumption no one had more then 2 quarts and no other sources then water and no susceptable conditions. All very false assumptions for most. Many have all the risk factors of the 1993 Us tox profile. Most everyone at least one.
    But then the EPA only looked for one disease and only the third and final severe stage of skeletal fluorosis. This is fused spine and doctors in the US have never heard of the issue so could not diagnosis it.
    My severe joint pain went away after I stopped drinking city water ,in three weeks. I want to protect others from foolish cities who do not care as long as a dentist says it is safe.

  3. Thanks for the information.  I’d recently become aware that in the last few years, U.S. purchasers  have gotten less of their fluoride from Florida and more from China.  Apparently, Hurricane Katrina produced disruptions in the phosphate fertilizer industry (production and/or transportation) that are still in effect.  Dr. David Kennedy is my main source on this.. 

    In the case of Austin, the water utility uses fluorosilicic acid produced in Florida by Mosaic and distributed through Lucier Chemical Industries, Ltd.  The current vendor contract has at least another year to run.

  4. Just as some human interest about the Morton Salt shown. I lived over a salt well with wooden dericks just behind the house for pumps and valves and old drilling towers. Both my maternial grandparents worked at Morton Salt about 1000 feet away. I went to Morton grade school and lived in the Morton Salt block subdivision. I worked a short while in management at International salt which was a mine for rock salt and worked at 1250 feet below River Rouge where the Ford factories started in the early days.
    Iodine by the way has also been used to slow cavities and was more effective then fluoride. But it has risks also which were not ignored like fluorides are.

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