1. Yesterday I discovered that Gerber is doing what’s best for our children by selling a fluoride-free bottled water specifically to be mixed with infant formula. Gerber “calls out” their rival Nursery Water for doing the opposite.

    We need to spread the word to new Moms that Gerber’s is better.

    “GERBER PURE is a fluoride free choice

  2. I first contacted Publix Public relations over 4 years ago on this issue before the Nov 9 2006 infant formula Egram to dentists and the CDC following suit. The FDA also stated no claim of benefit could be made for infants 12 months and younger for F water (bottled)but could for older.
    In a series of responses they ended up claiming they only put it on the shelf and the experts like beachnut were the ones claiming it a safe product not Public.
    When the 2006 ADA Egram came out I naturally went back and gave them the new update.
    When the Petition against walmart started I dropped the petition and off at all Public stores with the manager in my area. Also other chains and stores selling the product. Winn Dixie actually sold three fluoridated water products aimed at kids.
    Publix actually sells a 8 1/2 Oz infant aimed fluoridated house brand spring water. The warning as I recall is to first consult your dentist before using this product. My thought this is deceptive and actually increases liability as it implies dentists are qualified and the only issue is oral cavity. Naturally I shared this belief with Publix of the misdirection and dentists not being qualified by regulation or training to determine safety or diagnosis whole body effects.
    I actually broke bread with the Public family at Disney as a niece married into the family and the wedding was 2 years ago Dec 30 2008. I considered it improper to discuss the issue as a guest and only briefly talked to the Barnett and Jenkins clan from Lakeland Fl.
    I believe there is a Nursery water settlement where they give out free coupons and anyone using loses the right to litigate for any damage caused. This was for up to someting like 3 million coupons for almost 5 million total value. Mear peanuts to have someone sign off for thousands of dollars or more of damage potential. They would then change the claim to meet the law. The coupon could be used for F water also. This stinks at best. Hope the attorneys made out ok as no one else except the water company does.
    The FTC turned it back on enforcement of the law. False claims were allowed and still are. FDA also.

  3. Daytona Beach Fl Gerber Pure is in Target and Winn Dixie chain. Win Dixie also has a house brand fluoridated water for infants called Kiddle in gal. all three were in a row on the baby isle. The manager in charge got in my face for the first time ever doing this . She was a pregnate female and said Winn Dixie did not appreciate customers telling them what to do. She defended her doctor would have told her if their was a risk. She did not care what the FDa or time said. I also made up two pages from Time showing fluoridated water and toothpaste risk of neurotoxic and tumorgenic potential. I am dropping this off at city commissions and got to do a radio talk show as co host for 45 minutes as it is is a health show done locally. Naturally I mentioned the Time article and Nursery water and FDA. I did have a call in to inform me fluoridation reduces cavities. Good icebreaker.

  4. It is encouraging that demand for non-fluoridated water has grown into a large enough market to serve. Educating the public is a slow process, but progress is obviously being made. One wonders whether the budget crunches that many municipalities are facing force them to drop fluoridation as a cost cutting measure.

  5. This fluoride controversy is difficult to explain. You would think the manufacturers would be at the forefront of safety to the consumer.

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