1. I made copies up of the three pages of the FDA Warning letter to DS waters(Nursery Water on i Gal water. NYSCOF for 6/9/2009 sent this out yesterday from a Michigan person who discovered it. I from 5pm until 1030pm stopped at stores and a city commission meeting to mention this threat of seizure etc of the product unless they stop the claims of benefit for babies and infants up before 2 years old. Also for the website claims as well as label.
    Nursery was on most shelves unless out of stock. I saw less house brand fluoridated water then before. Publix still has it over 900 stores with Nursery and house brand 8 oz spring with added fluoride. The warning is fluoride is claimed to reduce cavities. Consult your dentist before using. Like your dentist is the neurotixic expert or bone cancer expert or so on. California only claimed dentists experts inside the oral cavity and outside that it would be a diagnosis they are not allowed to make.
    I will contact Publix today to get a response. Will be in Lakeland today home of Publix to see family.
    Also Time has a story the Hazards Lurking at Home with toothpaste and fluoridated water at number 4 risk. Also had PFOA at 6 I think.
    I have been warning stores on Nursery and Baby water for 5 years now before the Nov 9 ADA warning. Not much response but Publix did answer back. We need to try to get this tied in to infant formula if possible as on Nestle will warn but only if asked on Hotline. It is not written anywhere especially on can or bottle of formula. Jim

  2. Just wanted to mention Pure by Gerber is now in the Publix grocery chain.
    Mercola.com also has an article on fluoridation as a source of cumulative toxins. He mentions in comments he is aware of Paul Connent and plans to work with him in the future to get rid of this Policy.
    also NYSCF has a article this morning that there is a new push for higher fluoride content toothpaste for even babies as needed because of poor nutrition and constant sugar and snack intake with sugar beverages all day with no breaks. Thus we all new more poison as babies and up. Especially the poor but they forgot to mention blacks.
    Augusta Ga just had a Vit D study showing teens in high sun areas often vit d Deficient. But black girls were 28.4 times more likely they white girls to be deficient. 74.8% vs 2.6% white girls. In the summer not one white was deficient but 55% of blacks were. Ignored by the health department of course. A recent study in young girls showed premature births cut in half with higher dose 4000iu vit D compared to 400iu. They did not mention seasonal differences and the this was in Charleston SC at the Medical center of S C. Hollis and Wagnor the researchers. NIH and FDA supervised but the data was suspected in 2004 but 3 year study completed in 2010. Jim

  3. Your glass baby food jars aside rather than tossing them in the garbage when you are through with them. When you have the time, wash the jars thorough with soap and water. You will also want to remove the outer label from the jar. It may require some scrubbing to remove the glue that secures the label to the jar. If it is really difficult to remove, consider using a substance such as Goo Gone, which is designed to loosen sticky material. Make sure to clean out the top of the jar as well and either hand dry the items or let them air dry on your dish rack.

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