1. environmental toxins is a huge topic. Your government is a huge source of exposure or at least the endorsement agency.We lead the world in vaccination schedule to over exposure to our youngest by too many too soon. None are studied for safety as this complex sequence as safety testing ignores many vaccinations all pushed together on top of each other and how adverse effects likely happen from this overlap alone.
    Things like Hep b are just stupid policy forcing this on babies just hours after birth knowing full well it serves ZERO benefit but for a small subset at risk exposed to IV drug users etc. Dr Wakefield just did studies on rhesus monkeys proving developemental delays with the old mercury vaccine. The industry is rising up to make sure this sequence of studies does not get published. It is not about protecting kids. It is about protecting public health policy and vaccine industry profits. The Simpsonwood meeting in Norcross Ga with the CDC and vaccine makers was written about by Robert Kennedy Jr in Salon in 2004. It was all about covering up proof children were damaged by mercury in vaccines. Never about protecting kids. The transcripts prove this was fraud and deception to benefit them not kids.
    Also the Amish data shows 1 in 10,000 or even less 1 in 15,000 autism in the Amish community. Those damaged were adoption vaccination and one was mercury seed grain exposure. Mercury was in almost all of the H1N1 vaccine except for the individual shots vials. Young kids were given 2 seasonals and 2 H1N1 if the rules were followed. Simple vitamin D at high dose was far more effective and of course safe with extra benefits. To cheep an d effective for a government policy. Mercola.com has a good vitamin d site and H1N1 data from Russel Blaylock MD much of it. This was a major scam at WHO and US and many countries with out or before vaccination had a small fraction of ususal deaths from flu and flu like. It was all about pulling off a scam on the public. Mission accomplished again.

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