Good afternoon, Mayor and Council members.


  1. deceptive at best in ommissions and just outright deception. Where is some statement about limited benefit of ingested fluorides. The CDC in 1999 and 2001 MMWR did admit this fact half heartly in a deceptive manor. Just not to the public yet.
    The Time April 12, 2010 article does mention neurotoxic and potential turmorgenic if you drink. Isn’t that the point of water. Hydration. What a ship of fools with this feeble effort at disclosure. Nursery
    Water is running a scam under the watchful eye of the FDA and FTC with no warning for years. They they keep on selling this toxic for kids product anyway.

  2. To say that fluoride does not “structurally affect” teeth is an outright lie. What about dental fluorosis? On top of that, ingesting fluoride is connected to Alzheimer’s disease, skeletal fluorosis and affects the activity of the thyroid glands and hormmones. And they’re selling this to kids?

  3. Yoder K.M. Indiana 2007 showed testing results of dental professionals. over 80% of dentists flunked not even knowing old pre eruptive ingested theory is now known invalid. Still the basis of fluoridation so health department and most dentists still claim it is beneficial. The new theory is as the CDC admitted in MMWR in 1999 and 2001 is this is a topical benefit. They did not mention not a single reseacher can show a mechanism exists at 1ppm. Yes it can happen at 1000ppm or 5000ppm but then the kids swallow so much like half for many the damage exceeds any minor benefit. Burt 2007 Detroit shows it is about nutrition as the poor especially inner city get fluoridated water, soda ,chips and almost never vegetables and fruit. No wonder their health and teeth is in the dumper. Also the great majority of dentists refuse to treat poor kids on medicaid. In my county of over 200 dentists only six on list with 2 out of county so 4 in my county and one public health dentist. Money talks and BS walks. Most dentists do not care enough to treat poor kids. Fluoridation is the smoke and mirrors to con the public. Sadly the poor minorities are damaged the worst shows the data. This is all done to help poor minorities we are told. Maybe help dentists make more income or maybe help industry dispose of pollution but not the poor.

  4. I discovered that Gerber is doing what’s best for our children by selling a fluoride-free bottled water specifically to be mixed with infant formula. Gerber “calls out” their rival Nursery Water for doing the opposite.
    We need to spread the word to new Moms that Gerber’s is better.

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  6. The first visible sign of fluoride poisoning is dental fluorosis. It begins as small white specks in the enamel that then turn into spots, become confluent, and, in its most severe stage, turn brown. Dental fluorosis of varying degree affects 20 to 80 percent of children who grow up drinking fluoridated water..

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