Good afternoon, Mayor Leffingwell and councilmembers.


  1. One day this will seem so OBVIOUS to everyone that water should not be fluoridated.

    Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight! I can only surmise that the industry has people in their pockets. Either that or our city leaders have their brain cells numbed out on fluoride and can’t think?! How ironic.

  2. I have learned to expect deception from public health professionals. It is rare they will actually answer questions except to list endorsements or simplistic talking points avoiding the question. Even a fool knows when they are avoiding a question and the health department people full well know they must avoid current data at all costs.
    I actually have more issues with the dentists as they are bright enough to figure out something stinks in their blind promotion of a theory they all know has some very weak points. Most jump in both feet and often attack those actually showing real science and studies as unqualified to discuss the complex issue. My point of view is by following the ADA policy that all dentists must promote fluoridation it is no longer about real science. Actually it never was.
    The Yoder K.M. 2007 testing Illinois and Indiana showed shocking near total ignorance of the dental community that ingested pre eruptive fluoride is near worthless. well over 80% blindly followed the official party line. 14% in Illinois understood any benefit is topical post eruptive like toothpaste. Many of the dentists who know the truth still do not speak out publicly as they can be shunned by the dental community for honesty.
    How can the EPa union opposition to fluoridation be ignored by anyone. This started in 1985 and was followed by an attempted fedral lawsuit in 1986 but grew to 11 Unions by 2005 asking for a moratorium immediately. As of 29 Feb 2008 the number was 19 Unions 10,000 professions blowing the whistle to halt fluoridation now. The 2006 Mar 23 NRC also by a 12-0 said the EPA management should revise downward the current Max as it is not protective(safe). The EPA unions using standard risk assesment did the math and just like other cumulative toxins arsenic and lead Fluoride should have a goal of ZERO.
    The current Goal and Max is 4000ppb but the max for arsenic is 10ppb and lead 15ppb with a goal of ZERO. Fluoride is the only toxin with a goal and Max the same which is impossible to explain with science. Politics and lobbist money does explain it.
    John Remmington Graham just came out with a book on the
    Fluoridation battle with 2 doctors. He is the attorney who won 3 State fluoridation lawsuits proving it worthless but excellent for causing cancer ,thyroid malfunciton,bone damage and so on. The federal courts over ruled on jurisdiction only and all the finding of fact still stand in 3 States. Ignored of course. I am starting to see asbestos lawsuits advertising during the daytime also. Someday that might be fluoride lawsuits.I just work for an end what ever it takes. Sometimes it takes lawsuits to do the right thing.

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