4 thoughts on “EARTH DAY 2010”

  1. I am so happy with the great exposure your group is getting. The DC blog article was fantastic and gave some good snapshots of activists.Seem to stick to just the PHD MD types who do great work. The bedrock is usually just some concerned people lacking the advanced degree but with a Phd in effort. The dental community and health department have showed degrees can be used for evil promotion and avoiding science just using your title. Keep up the excellent full court press Rae. This is what keeps this rolling foreward and one on one contacts wins converts. News coverage speeds it up greatly. I had 5 talk show hosts willing to do local debate and even a city building donated and the biggest show willing to do a prime time hour. The health department refused to talk to me then for over 6 months , return calls or emails. I kept on commenting on talk shows they were unwilling to defend their policy in real debate. I was even banned from speaking at a city workshop on fluoridation as only professionals promoting were allowed. I get get a copy of the video.
    What clowns they are with old talking pointsand safe for all and everyone benefits. They even showed a picture of a young girl with horrible cavity destroyed teeth and warned that would happen more if fluoridation ended. For the children and everyone. They never mentioned dental fluorisis or any potential health effects could happen at the magical optimal dose. They did not mention babies and formula.
    On earlier news show very anti fluoride the health department guy even said there had never ever been a study showing fluoridation hurt anyone teeth young or old. Tarrick Minor on Local 6 New Orlando did a reprort because I always give packets to new people when I can catch them and he listened. I was in it but never saw it as I was speaking that night and the DVd did not record. It was actually in 3 segments that night. Not just a couple comments. I only saw one segment which they had as a video with the H Department dummy. statement.

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