The Austin Chapter of the Gray Panthers has adopted a resolution urging the Austin City Council to:

1.  immediately publish a warning on the water bills urging parents to not use city
      water with baby formula. 
2.  immediately identify all infants under 1 year old and all pregnant mothers
      and immediately and directly warn these parents of the risks to their babies.
3.  immediately discontinue medicating our drinking water with fluorosilicic acid.

Kudos to the Panthers for being the first local organization to take this wise and much-needed step.  Now it’s time for other community groups to step up and follow suit. 

The full text of the resolution can be downloaded from the “Resolution for Organizations” link under the Handouts  tab at   It’s in Word.doc format, so it can be readily modified after downloading to suit individual needs.   We urge community-based organizations in Austin and beyond to take advantage of this great opportunity.